Bike Tune-Ups and Repairs in Naples, FL

bike repairsIf you own a bike and are avid about riding it, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping up with maintenance and repairs. More than just putting air in the tires or lubricating your chain, there is a wide range of factors involved in a true tune-up. Big Momma’s Bicycles is here to provide you with a full range of maintenance and bike repair in Naples, FL.

Bike maintenance

Bike maintenance is an extensive procedure that involves paying close, careful attention to all major and minor parts and components of a bike. This includes things like cleaning the chain and the cassette, centering the brakes, adjusting your derailer, checking bolt torque, adjusting wheel spokes and more. And, unless you have the tools and experience to do all of this yourself, it pays to trust a bike service in Naples, FL.

Big Momma’s Bicycles offers you the comprehensive tune-up services you need to enjoy a bike that’s in full working order. We can perform tune-ups and maintenance on any and all bikes brought to us, including fixed-gear bikes. We are also an expert service center for Elliptigo.

Complete Tune Up$99.95Includes:

  • Clean & lubricate chain & cassette, oil cables & pivot points
  • Adjust derailleurs and brakes and true wheels
  • Completely and professionally clean your bicycle
  • Apply T-9 Boeshield rust and corrosion to frame and handlebar
Single Speed Tune Up$65
Safety Check$65

Bike Repairs

Like any mechanical marvel, a bike can eventually need repairs as components wear down or issues develop. If your bike isn’t functioning to its fullest and needs repairs, visit Big Momma’s Bicycles. We can repair just about any type of bike—in fact, we can repair just about anything with wheels! We have experience in replacing components and facilitating repairs for all brands of road bikes, hybrid bikes, fixed-gear bikes, electric bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, scooters and more!

The best part? If you need repairs and can’t get your bike to our shop, we offer pickup and delivery services within 10 miles of our location!

Give your bike the care and attention it deserves. Contact the experts at Big Momma’s Bicycles today by calling 239-263-0728. We’ll show you what 30 years of professional repair and maintenance experience can do for your bike!