The Four Pieces of Must-Have Bike Riding Apparel

The Four Pieces of Must-Have Bike Riding Apparel

June 18, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to get out and ride. Bike riders can casually cruise down the boardwalk, have an adventure on an intense mountain bike trail or even just commute to work. Both novices and expert cyclists can enjoy the exhilarating freedom of cruising on two wheels. Biking-specific clothing will help make every ride more comfortable and safe.

Luckily, you don’t have to squeeze into a skin-tight neon spandex unitard (unless that’s your riding fashion style). Biking clothing has evolved to be both comfortable and flattering while still offering high performance and protection against the weather. Here are the four pieces of must-have bike riding apparel:

  • Bike jerseys: A bike jersey should be the first item you pick up at your local bike shop in Naples, FL. Look for a shirt made of spandex or another form-fitting material to cut down on the amount of drag. A technical fabric will help wick away sweat so you stay dry even during tough summer treks. Select the sleeve length based on the season and forecasted weather. Some shirts are even equipped with back pockets for easy access to snacks and a reflective trim for improved visibility.
  • Bike shorts: Normal exercise shorts are usually sufficient for biking newbies. But anyone looking for increased comfort and better performance should upgrade to bike shorts. Bike shorts have added stretch for unrestrained movement in addition to a padded crotch liner to wick moisture and cut down on friction. The longer-cut legs will prevent saddle chafing and keep shorts in place during extended rides. Try on a few different pairs to determine what padding style is best suited for your body. Mountain bikers may opt for looser, “baggies”-style shorts.
  • Cycling jackets: The best cycling jackets will keep the rider both warm and dry. Select a lighter rain shell during the summer. A shell will provide protection against moisture and wind in the hot and humid summer conditions. Plan to switch to a warmer jacket during the winter, which will have extra insulation in the front and arms, in addition to the same waterproof protection.
  • Bike shoes and socks: Your ideal shoe type will vary based on your riding style. If using clipless pedals, select a shoe that works with the cleats. Mountain bikers need a durable shoe that also has enough tread to grip the trail. Road cyclists should opt for an aerodynamic, lightweight pair of shoes with slick soles. Casual commuters can usually just use an everyday street shoe. All riding shoes should be paired with a merino wool sock to help keep the feet cool and to prevent blisters.

Layering is key when it comes to bike riding. Plan to wear multiple layers to avoid ever feeling too cold or too warm, even if the conditions change. Pair a moisture-wicking next-to-skin layer with an insulating middle layer and a weatherproof outer shell. Each layer can be removed as needed.

Ready to start building the perfect bike riding wardrobe, or looking to upgrade your current kit? Stop by Big Momma’s Bicycles today! Our bike shop in Naples, FL carries the gear you’ll need for a great ride every time.

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