Road Sense and Bike Helmets in Naples, FL are Critical for Cycling Safety

Road Sense and Bike Helmets in Naples, FL are Critical for Cycling Safety

May 17, 2019

It is difficult for bicyclists to remain safe on car-centric streets with infrastructure and traffic laws tailored to the tendencies of drivers. In addition to making sure they have all of the necessary equipment—such as reflective clothing and bicycle helmets in Naples, FL—riders have to maintain a particularly high level of awareness when they ride.

Follow along with this guide to learn some of the top ways to help you stay safe the next time you go for a ride.

Bicyclists and the Road

Many drivers consistently drive a few miles over the speed limit without much thought. But, flying past cyclists at unsafe speeds can create some very dangerous situations. If a cyclist feels endangered on the road, they might be forced to break a few road rules themselves, like riding on the sidewalk.

Bicyclist safety is not usually a top priority for drivers, and when this is combined with the limited space set aside for cyclists, city streets can be difficult to navigate. Because most roads are specifically designed for the ease and convenience of vehicular traffic, the onus is on bike riders to make sure that they remain safe.

Staying Safe

Because cyclists are faced with so many hazards every time they are on the road, it is necessary for riders to take every precaution to ensure that they remain safe.

  • Protective gear: It is very important that you wear sufficient protection when you go for a ride on your bike. Helmets can help protect you from serious head injuries should you ever be involved in an accident. Be sure to snap your chin strap and adjust for security and comfort every single time you get on your bicycle.
  • Use hand signals: In order to give drivers and other cyclists an idea of the direction you are headed, make sure you are acquainted with all of the different hand signals. This simple task can help you avoid accidents and remain safe when you ride on the road. After a while, it’ll be second nature to signal.
  • Reflective clothing: If you cycle frequently at night, it is a must that you wear reflective clothing so that you can be seen from a distance by the drivers on the road. In order to remain highly visible, your bicycle should also have some form of lighting in both the front and the rear.

Alongside safety equipment like reflective clothing and bike helmets in Naples, FL, it’s just as important to make sure your bike is in good condition.

Whether you need bicycle maintenance, or the proper clothing and lighting to ensure you are visible out on the road, make sure you pay Big Momma’s Bicycles a visit! As your go-to one stop shop, we carry all the safety and maintenance equipment you need to cycle safe. Stop by or give us a call today so we can make sure you and your bike have everything you need to stay safe every time you ride.

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