Top Types of Bike Bearings in Naples, FL

Top Types of Bike Bearings in Naples, FL

November 13, 2019

Whether you use your bicycle for your daily commute or you just enjoy the occasional bike ride on the weekends, it’s important to keep your bicycle in the best condition possible for a safe, comfortable and smooth ride. You don’t have to be an expert to keep your bike in good shape, but it’s useful to have some foundational knowledge about how different bike components work. Understanding different types of bike bearings and their different features can better equip you with the knowledge you need to maintain your bicycle and invest in the parts that are right for you.

Bike bearings are essential to the function of your bicycle. These parts connect your wheel hubs, pedals and headsets to ensure a smooth, safe ride. Without bike bearings, bike components wouldn’t have the range of movement necessary for pedaling, steering and braking. Bearings must be able to handle the stress of heavy use and impacts from rough terrain. There are several different types of bike bearings in Naples, FL, and they all have different features, advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cartridge: Cartridge bearings have a simple design, consisting of a sleeve that contains bearing balls and seals to prevent damage from the elements. Because the bearing components are housed in a single cartridge, they are very easy to replace compared to other types of bearings. However, they can be challenging to clean and lubricate, and it can be more expensive to service bikes with these types of bearings.
  • Roller: Roller bearings contain two races and a cage containing a circle of rollers. These rollers tend to have higher resistance than bearing balls, but they also offer a much greater capacity for heavier loads. Despite their ability to handle heavier loads, roller bearings are not used as commonly as they once were. One of the biggest disadvantages of roller bearings is the fact that they aren’t able to handle the impact of bumps in the road.
  • Cup and cone: This type of bearing consists of bearing balls, which are housed in a cup that’s secured to the bicycle. The cone is screwed onto the bearing, compressing the bearing balls and keeping them stable to promote effective movement. With regular maintenance and lubrication, cup and cone bearings offer greater durability and longevity than other types of bike bearings in Naples, FL.

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