Tips for Riding on a Sandy Beach

Tips for Riding on a Sandy Beach

February 15, 2020

Where do you usually go for your bike outings in Naples, FL? With so many beaches nearby, these shorelines can offer great destinations for your ride. However, sand can be a challenging terrain for bike riders.

Don’t let that stop you. Use the following tips to master sandy bike rides and enjoy the beaches as you take your next bike outing in Naples, FL.

Choose the right ride

Not all bikes are suited for sandy terrain. You’ll need the right tire style to be able to ride over the grainy beach. Typically, the best choice for sand is oversized rims and tires, so choose a fat bike if you want to ride at the beach. This style can handle the loose sand easier than other types of bikes that are designed for smooth surfaces.

Choose the right gear

Do you ever ride in low gear? If you’re headed for a sandy bike outing in Naples, FL, choose low gears. You might find this difficult to get used to, but the lower gears will provide the torque necessary to avoid getting stuck in the sand.

Choose the right brakes

To maintain momentum in the sand, you need to avoid breaking your riding rhythm. Try to minimize your shifting and braking. Accelerate and decelerate gradually, so you can stay off the brakes and remain in a consistent gear.

Choose the right position

Certain bike styles encourage leaning forward while you ride. In some situations, this is fine. However, hunching forward while you ride over sand can cause the front wheel to dig into the sand. This will make steering difficult. If your bike outing in Naples, FL takes you to the beach, try to sit back in the saddle while you ride. Keep your weight centered over the rear of the bike, so you sail smoothly over the sand.

Choose the right sand

Some sand is easier to traverse on a bike than others. For an easier ride (especially if you’re new to riding through sand), try to keep your bike on wet sand or areas that offer packed soil covered with a thin layer of sand. This will provide a less challenging ride than loose sand. However, keep in mind that the surface is wet, so steep slopes will be challenging. You may also need to adjust your path as the tide changes, if you’re riding along the shoreline.

Choose the right maneuvering

Don’t expect to make turns in the sand the same way you do on pavement. Turning quickly will drive your wheel into the sand. To change directions, lean your body and use counter pressure to gradually turn your bike.

Choose the right professionals

For your next bike outing in Naples, FL, visit Big Momma’s Bicycles. Serving the area since 2005, our full-service bicycle shop offers rental service, resales, services, repairs, tune-ups and more. Our experienced staff is available to answer any questions you have. Stop in today or give us a call to make your next bike outing your best one yet.

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