The Bicycle Shortage Due to COVID-19

The Bicycle Shortage Due to COVID-19

June 22, 2020

We’ve all seen news stories recently about shortages of various products related to COVID-19. Most coverage has focused on a lack of toilet paper, sanitary wipes, hand soap and hand sanitizer, but there are other shortages as well. One significant shortage that isn’t getting enough coverage is bicycles! This shortage has two causes: a lack of supply and high demand. Continue reading to learn more about how the novel coronavirus has impacted bike sales in Naples, FL.


Like many products in America, most bicycles on the road are manufactured in Asia. As you can imagine, COVID-19 forced many factories across China and other Asian manufacturing nations to shut down. Without any bikes being produced, bike shops across the country are having a hard time keeping inventory on their shelves. Bicycles of all kinds and prices are on backorder for weeks or even months due to the lack of supply coming out of China. So, if you’re expecting to go out and buy a bike right away, you may have to wait.


Just because manufacturers can’t produce bikes doesn’t mean people don’t want them. Bike sales in Naples, FL and across the country are higher than they’ve been in ages. Nationwide, sales for adult leisure bicycles were up 121 percent in March! People are buying commuter bikes to avoid public transportation, bikes for exercising because gyms are closed and bikes for family recreation. As proof of that, sales of children’s bikes were up 59 percent in March. Start shopping around for your next bike now, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get it sometime soon!

Consider renting one

If you’re one of the people looking to have some fun with the family or get some exercise, think about renting a bike for a day or two! Renting a bike has all the perks of purchasing one, without all the hassle and the high price tag. Along with saving money now, renting allows you to take bikes on test rides to see which one is right for you. At Big Momma’s Bicycles, we rent out a variety of different bikes for affordable hourly, daily, weekly and bi-weekly rates.

Get your bike tuned up!

The best way to prolong your bicycle’s lifespan and ensure you’re not stuck waiting for a new one on backorder is to bring it in for some maintenance. During a complete tune up, a bike repair specialist will clean and lubricate your chain, cassette, cables and pivot points to ensure a smooth ride. Your pro will also true your wheels and adjust your brakes to guarantee you’re safe on the road. Finally, the expert will clean your entire bike and apply anti-corrosion spray.

Choose Big Momma’s Bicycles for all of your cycling needs!

If you’re in the market for a new bike, come on down to Big Momma’s Bicycles. We still have a large selection of bikes in stock, which is why we’re a leader in bike sales in Naples, FL. On top of selling bikes, we also rent them and provide comprehensive tune-ups and repairs for all types of bicycles. Reach out to learn more.

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