The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

December 16, 2020

Shopping for holiday gifts can be tricky—unless you’re giving gifts to a cyclist! There are tons of Christmas gifts for bike riders in Naples, FL that are exciting to receive and easy to shop for. This post will cover some of the top gifts to give your cyclist friends and family members this year:

  • Smart light set: Even if your recipient doesn’t do a ton of riding in the early morning or evenings when it’s dark out, they could still use a set of lights. Smart lights automatically adjust for the surroundings, providing the rider with the perfect amount of light and visibility for drivers with whom they’re sharing the road. There’s no better way to stay safe than with smart lights.
  • Tire inflator: Getting a flat tire while on a ride is one of the biggest bummers for a cyclist. While there’s not much you can do about preventing a flat, you can ensure they’re able to finish their ride by giving them a tire inflator. These handy gifts are also compact, allowing cyclists to easily carry them while riding.
  • Full tool kit: A tire inflator can help in a pinch, but to ensure their bike is in tip-top shape at all times, get your cyclist a tool kit. This is one of the best Christmas gifts for cyclists in Naples, FL because it allows them to tune their bikes up without having to pay a professional. Plus, tinkering with a bike is fun for a lot of riders!
  • Allen wrenches: If you don’t want to spend money on an entire toolset, consider giving your cyclist a set of Allen wrenches. These handy tools are perfect for quick adjustments, and they’re relatively inexpensive. If you’re searching for a stocking stuffer, look no further than Allen wrenches.
  • Cycling apparel: Cycling bibs and tops need to be washed after almost every ride. For that reason, cyclists can never have too many kits. Trust us when we say new clothes are one of the top Christmas gifts for cyclists in Naples, FL!
  • Navigation device: Does your cyclist go for long rides and often end up in unfamiliar areas? If so, they could probably use a compact GPS navigation tool. These devices attach to the handlebars and can provide turn-by-turn directions wherever your rider may be.
  • Water bottle: Regardless of the distance, every cyclist needs to hydrate on their rides. Give the gift of a water bottle and new holder to help keep your cyclist hydrated! New and advanced water bottles keep water colder for longer, and they weigh less to help keep a bike streamlined.
  • Saddle: If you’ve ever heard your rider complain about a sore bum after a ride, consider giving them a new saddle. An updated saddle will help keep them comfortable both during and after their ride.

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There’s no reason to run all over town searching for holiday gifts. Instead, come to Big Momma’s Bicycles! From tune-up equipment to kits and even new bikes, we have all of the perfect Christmas gifts for bike riders in Naples, FL.

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