What Happens if Your Bike Chain Is Too Loose?

What Happens if Your Bike Chain Is Too Loose?

March 30, 2021

Whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike, fixed gear or something else, your bike’s chain will eventually become loose. The good news is that a loose bike chain in Naples, FL isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s something you can address on your own. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about loose bike chains.

Why does my chain become loose?

Chains become loose for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is a new chain on an old bike. Older bikes obviously have older and more worn-down components. Placing a new chain on these worn-down parts can cause the chain to jump and slip around as you ride. All of this motion will eventually cause the chain to loosen up.

A chain on a multi-gear bike might also become loose if the derailleur is damaged. If the chain frequently becomes loose, we recommend bringing your bike to a pro for an inspection and possible repairs.

Is a loose chain dangerous?

Compared to a damaged rim or a compromised frame, a loose chain isn’t a really big deal. A loose bike chain in Naples, FL is more of an annoyance than anything else, especially if it falls off your single-speed bike. Loose chains also make pedaling less efficient and waste your energy. A loose chain will only get worse over time, though, so you’ll want to fix it to avoid further frustration.

Can I tighten it myself?

You can tighten your bike chain on your own. Keep in mind that the process is different depending on if you ride a single-speed bike or a bike with a derailleur.

To tighten the chain on a fixed-gear bike, start by flipping the bike over or placing it on a bike stand. Loosen the rear axle and then pull back on the rear tire to make the chain tighter. Make sure the chain isn’t too tight or too loose, then tighten the rear tire again.

With the right tools, you can also tighten a bike chain in Naples, FL for a multi-chain bike. After flipping the bike upside down or putting it on a stand, find the derailleur screw located at the back of the derailleur. Increase the chain tension by turning the screw clockwise. Next, you’ll need to adjust the rear tire by disconnecting the brakes from the cable and increasing the tension on the derailleur. Put everything back together and test the tension before continuing your ride.

Should I bring my bike to a professional?

Instead of wasting your time and energy tightening it by yourself, we think you should bring your bike to a professional. A bike technician has all of the right tools to fix your chain quickly and easily. Additionally, the pro will be able to identify any other problem spots that need correction.

If your chain is loose, or if your bike doesn’t seem to be performing its best, come to Big Momma’s Bicycles! We perform all sorts of bike repairs and can tighten a bike chain in Naples, FL in just a matter of minutes. Call today to set up an appointment for bike repair or to get a tune-up.

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