The Top Professional BMX Riders of the Decade

The Top Professional BMX Riders of the Decade

June 30, 2021

BMX has seen some significant popularity growth over the last decade, and many of its biggest stars are enjoying popularity on a larger scale than the sport has seen before.

Today, we want to take a look back at the 2010s and honor some of the greatest professional BMX riders of the decade, who will continue to be an influence on the world of BMX riding moving forward. Here they are:

  • Dennis Enarson: Dennis would almost unanimously be considered the greatest rider of the last decade, and it’s expected he will continue to be a huge influence moving forward. He’s won the X Games and all kinds of dirt contests, performed some eye-popping tricks, put out some awesome videos for Nike and continues to improve and mature. Though he may be older now than he was in 2010 when he was really entering the limelight, he still keeps himself in great condition and looks great on the bike.
  • Garrett Reynolds: Garrett won nine of the 12 X Games street events that occurred between 2010 and 2019—a massive accomplishment—and he still had podium finishes at the three events he didn’t win. He’s also put out a ton of videos that helped to further street riding as a sport. He’s done an incredible amount to push the sport beyond what many had thought possible and continues to be an incredible achiever.
  • Scotty Cranmer: Scotty has had plenty of major victories to his name over the last decade, but it’s his comeback from a major crash in 2016 that really speaks to who he is as a person and athlete. Though he no longer competes, he continues to run a bike shop, put out new videos and do everything he can to further establish BMX riding as a major attraction in the United States.
  • Drew Bezanson: Drew is widely known for having a highly creative style that combines both technical and burly riding. He’s constantly thinking outside the box to come up with new tricks and methods of riding, and has won a ton of events all over the world over the last decade. He’s perhaps best known for his viral videos with all sorts of wacky tricks that helped draw more interest into the world of BMX.
  • Hannah Roberts: Hannah is relatively new to the world of BMX riding—she was still just eight years old when the last decade began. But she’s already become an extremely influential figure in the world of BMX, and has burst onto the scene as someone pushing women’s BMX in particular to new heights. She’s doing tricks that were unheard of in the women’s field in years past. What’s more, her best years are probably still ahead of her. Don’t be surprised to see her one day medaling at the Olympics and achieving legendary status in the sport.

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