Bike Gear Needed to Keep You Safe on Your Commute

Bike Gear Needed to Keep You Safe on Your Commute

August 11, 2021

Regardless of the type of bike you’re on or the distance you’re riding, bike safety is paramount for your ride. While paying attention to your surroundings and knowing the best practices for bike safety will get you far, you still need to invest in some equipment to keep yourself as safe as possible.

These are a few of the top accessories to purchase.


Whether you’re riding across town or up the street, you should always put a helmet on before you hop on your bike. We advise spending a bit more to get a high-quality helmet with a high safety rating. Along with buying a quality helmet, be sure yours fits snug against your head for ultimate protection.

Our staff members at Big Momma’s Bicycles can help you find the perfectly-sized helmet that’ll provide protection while ensuring you look good on the road.

Front lights

Anyone who rides at night or during twilight hours needs to purchase a front light for their bike. A front light lets you see the road a bit better and makes it easier for oncoming cars to see you. Even if you’re riding in the daylight, a bright front light can reduce accidents by 20 percent.

Reflective tape

Another top way to make yourself more visible to drivers and other bikes is to put reflective tape on your bike. You can further enhance your visibility by investing in reflective shoes, but simple tape is typically enough to get the job done.

Bike computer

Another piece of safety equipment for cycling is a bike computer that tracks your ride in real time and can relay the data to your friends and family. With the computer, your loved ones will always know where you are and can see if you’ve been involved in a wreck or experienced a mid-ride breakdown.

First aid kit

Never leave for a long ride without a first aid kit in your jersey pocket or saddlebag. Among many others, a few items to include in your kit include bandages, gauze and antibiotic ointment.


It might seem silly, but a great piece of bike safety equipment is a little bell on your handlebar. Ringing your bell alerts pedestrians and even drivers when you’re nearby, greatly reducing the risk of a collision.

LaneSpotter app

You don’t need to spend any money to keep yourself safe. The free app, LaneSpotter, helps you safely navigate down busy streets. The app is a crowdsourced mapping system that displays roads with painted bike lanes, so you can know which roads to travel down and which to avoid.

Additionally, the app allows users to rate roads on a scale of “very safe” to “avoid” and pinpoints hazards like potholes or construction sites.

Big Momma’s Bicycles has everything you need

Besides mobile apps, we sell all of the safety equipment for cycling you could need. Come visit our shop today to check out all of our bike accessories or to shop for a brand-new bicycle if yours is on its last legs.

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