Top Bike Lock Picks for 2021

Top Bike Lock Picks for 2021

November 10, 2021

When it comes to bike lock options for 2021, riders have a host of choices. But which ones offer the ideal bike locks for cyclers? You’ve probably invested quite a bit in your bike, so you want to make sure it’s secure. Whether you’re popping in somewhere for a five-minute break or will be leaving your bike unattended while at work, you need a lock you can count on to protect your investment.

As you consider your options, keep the following important information in mind. The four common bike lock options for 2021 listed here offer varying levels of security for your bike. Choose the security level you need based on how, where and when you store your bike.


This style of lock offers the highest level of security. Most U-locks cannot be broken by hand or even using hand tools. A thief would need power tools to cut through this style of lock. Some U-lock models feature double dead bolts, which would require two cuts to remove the lock. If you really want to deter bike thieves, place a steel U-lock on your ride.

Folding locks

At the next step down in security level, we have folding locks. Among bike lock options for 2021, these are popular for two reasons. While still maintaining a fairly high level of security, this style is collapsible. When folded, they have a low profile, which makes them convenient for commuters. This style of lock also allows the user to secure objects that may be too large for U-locks to handle.

Chain locks

Chain locks vary greatly in their security level. Because of this, they are ranked below U-locks and folding locks. For example, a small chain secured with a combo lock can be quickly snipped with bolt cutters—and your bike is gone. However, some chain locks can be just as secure as U-locks. For the best security, choose a chain lock that is made of hardened steel and features a durable shackle.

Lightweight locks

This level of lock is only recommended for light security. If your bike won’t be out of sight for long, these bike lock options for 2021 might suffice. Lightweight lock designs include zip ties and simple cables. They can be snipped fairly easily but will prevent quick, ride-away thefts that are possible when no lock is present.

Where can I get the ideal bike locks for cyclers?

If you want top security for your ride, don’t pick up a cheap lock at your local hardware store. Visit a specialty bike shop that offers better options for enhanced protection. You’ll enjoy greater selection as well as insight from professionals who can tell you which lock would be best for your bike and lifestyle.

Shop smart

For the ideal bike locks for cyclers, visit Big Momma’s Bicycles in Naples, FL. Locally owned, our excellent staff is ready to answer any questions you have. Stop in or give us a call today for quality locks, bike service, tune-ups and more. We look forward to helping you keep your bike safe and secure.

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