Tips for Maintaining Your Bicycles

Tips for Maintaining Your Bicycles

March 22, 2022

Just like any machine, your bike needs regular servicing, adjustments, and repairs or upgrades as the years go by. But what should you be looking for? Where are some of the more problematic areas, and how can you ensure you’ll be ready for the road? Let’s take a look at some necessary and beneficial DIY bike repairs and services to keep your bike geared up and ready to go. 

Chains and Sprockets

When checking your bike, one of the first spots should be the chain. A neglected chain makes pedaling more difficult and can spread rust to your sprockets. It can also break at crucial times, leaving you stranded and walking. 

Properly clean and lubricate your chain regularly. When you come back from a dirty ride, give your chain and sprockets a cleaning to remove the sand and dirt that sticks to the grease on your chain. A little soap and water with a rag or toothbrush works great. Then, apply some new lubrication to a dry chain. If you make this cleaning a regular part of your ride routine, you’ll extend the life of your chain and your bike. 

Tires and Tubes, Rims and Spokes

Next are your tires and tubes. Inflation pressure, tread wear, and any signs of cracking or dry-rot are the main points of interest. Just keeping the tires inflated properly helps how the bike rides and avoids damage to the rims or spokes. 

For your rims and spokes, implement the same regular checks and cleanings you’d do for your chain. Rusty spokes become broken spokes. Wipe off any moisture, especially saltwater from beach rides. Regularly check the rims for roundness or visible damage, as well. 

Brakes-Cables and Pads

Your brakes and brake pads should be easy to apply and free of the rim as it spins. Minor adjustments may be needed now and then. You’ll mainly want to keep an eye on wear on the brake pads. This is especially important if you live in an area with hills or mountains. Worn or old, dry pads should be replaced.

Gears and Shifters

Regularly check that your gears and shifters will move through your different gear settings. Make sure your derailleurs are working properly for smooth shifting and riding. 

Tighten Up

Regularly check the various nuts, bolts, and screws to make sure none are loose. Riding causes rattling and vibrations, which can loosen things over time. Keep a bike multi-tool in your bike gear so you can always check your bike before hitting the road. 

Emergency Gear

You should have a bike gear pack that you keep with you for emergency situations. Spare tubes, an air pump, and a multi-tool are three vital take-alongs. Learn how to fix some common bike repair problems, as well, so you can get yourself back home safely.   

If you’re ever in doubt, consult the advice of a trusted bike shop, like Big Mommas Bicycles in Naples. Our bike shop experts are sure to keep you riding smoothly. 

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