12 Cycling Etiquette and Safety Tips

12 Cycling Etiquette and Safety Tips

December 12, 2018

Both new and experienced cyclists know just how important safety is when riding, like wearing a helmet and sticking to the designated bike lane. The list doesn’t stop there, though. Cyclists need to follow several different etiquette practices and precautions to keep both themselves and others on the road or sidewalk safe. Following the right rules will keep bikers safe as they pedal alongside traffic, but it will also help make the road a much better place for everyone involved.

Whether you’re pushing yourself up a hard path or just cruising the boardwalk, consider following these cycling safety and etiquette tips from the team at our bicycle shop in Naples, FL:

  • Pick the right clothes: Wear proper clothing to enhance performance and prevent injury. Some cyclists like to dress in tight spandex clothing, while others prefer padded cycling shorts. Another option is to wear comfortable, casual clothing. Whichever you choose, make sure the clothing is light-colored and reflective at night.
  • Use safety gear: All riders and bikes should be equipped with a properly fitting helmet, padding, reflectors, headlights and appropriate shoes. Install a bell on the handlebar to alert pedestrians. A bicycle shop in Naples, FL can help you select the right safety gear.
  • Carry a safety kit: Bikers should always be prepared with a safety kit in case of a roadside emergency. This should include an inner tube patch kit, a spare inner tube, tire irons and a CO2 cartridge inflation device.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: Music can be a great soundtrack for a bike ride, but it compromises your awareness of the road. Make sure you can always see and hear your surroundings while biking.
  • Follow the law: Always follow the rules of the road. Ride on the right side of the roadway or path and follow the direction of traffic. Observe all traffic laws, as well as traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Master the group ride: Riding in a group requires a bit more coordination. Keep the gaps between bikes small, but never let the wheels overlap. Don’t draft other riders without permission, and give warning calls to alert others of an approaching hazard.
  • Share the road: Bikes aren’t the only things on the road—share the paths with runners, walkers and other cyclists. Always give them enough space to move freely.
  • Be predictable: Always ride in a straight line alongside the right side of the road or path. Avoid swerving and make sure you’re visible to drivers.
  • Watch for hazards: Loose gravel, wet leaves, debris and puddles could cause you to lose control of the bike. Watch out for these hazards and avoid riding over them.
  • Make eye contact: Make eye contact with drivers to ensure they see you and can respect your space.
  • Use hand signals: Learn the hand signals to indicate to other cars and cyclists when and where you will be turning.
  • Fuel up: Biking can be a strenuous activity. Hydrate before, during and after your ride. Then, refuel after with a meal full of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Now that you’re a safety expert, it’s time to stop by Big Momma’s Bicycles to pick up your bike rental in Naples, FL. Come see us today!

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