Tips for Bike Riding in the Rain

Tips for Bike Riding in the Rain

April 1, 2019

Though you may imagine yourself riding along a trail on a beautiful, sunny day, you’re unfortunately going to find yourself biking in the rain at some point. On warm days, a light mist might feel refreshing, but it’s never fun to ride through a downpour. Still, there are some easy ways to make a ride in the rain more manageable and comfortable.

If you’ve taken out a bike rental in Naples, FL and it starts to rain, you might not be having the best time. But you can be safe and a bit more comfortable by using these quick tips on how to plan for bad weather:

  • Dress for the weather: The most basic way to prepare for rain is to make sure you have the right gear for the circumstance. There are a few key things to have. One is a great raincoat that is waterproof but also breathes to prevent you from overheating. Experts often suggest finding something made of Gore-Tex, which really fits the bill. You’ll also want some good gloves, which should be thin enough for you to feel the controls but warm enough to keep you comfortable in the cold rain. Another accessory that really helps is overshoes. These fit right on top of your shoes and offer a waterproof layer to prevent that awful feeling of cold, wet socks.
  • Use those mudguards: Many bikers hate the way mudguards sound and look, but they play an essential role in preventing all that dirty road water from hitting you. It’s a simple solution to keep you warmer and dryer during your ride.
  • Be cautious: During or after big storms, you should be especially wary of standing water. On top of an extra vigorous splash, this water is dangerous because it can easily hide something like a large pothole. Whenever you see standing water, check for cars, cyclists and other pedestrians, and ride around it.
  • Set up your bike for future success: Water certainly changes the way your bike operates, so you need to take care of your bicycle as you would take care of yourself. After any rainy rides, give the chain some extra attention by applying a degreaser, wiping it dry and applying some lubricant. That way, your chain will last longer and will be all set for your next ride. Another way to think about the next ride is to give your tires a good check after riding in the rain. Sometimes the extra dirt can hide cuts or make grass stick to the tire more easily.

With careful planning and accessorizing, getting a bike rental in Naples, FL during the rains can still be a lot of fun. If you’re hoping to ride, stop by Big Momma’s Bicycles, which has served the local community for over 10 years by offering bike rentals and repairs along with the best advice around.

Since 2005, Big Momma’s Bicycles has provided visitors with a large selection of bikes to choose from, whether you’re hoping to rent or buy. Stop by today to take a look!

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