Set Yourself Up for Success! Cycling Tips for Naples, FL Bicyclists

Set Yourself Up for Success! Cycling Tips for Naples, FL Bicyclists

October 14, 2019

Biking is a great way to get exercise, stay healthy and enjoy your community, but remember: safety first! Set yourself up for successful rides every time with these cycling tips for Naples, FL bicyclists:

  • Know the rules of the road: Motorists and bicyclists can’t read each other’s minds, which is why there are rules—make sure to ride in the same direction of traffic, yield before entering a road, yield to vehicles when changing lanes, obey traffic lights and signs, etc. Bicyclists have more to lose if the rules are violated, from being hit by a car to triggering auto accidents. Knowing and following the rules of the road is the best way to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Stay off sidewalks: Adults riding bicycles need to ride on the road, not up on the sidewalk. There are several reasons why doing this may cause conflict between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. For starters, you create conflict with cars when you ride on a sidewalk and then want to turn or cross a road. Also, sidewalks present a number of hazards, like light posts, poles and overhanging tree branches.
  • Communicate your intentions: Being a cyclist doesn’t grant you immunity. When you are a part of traffic, it’s your responsibility to behave predictably for others’ benefit. You do this by communicating your intentions. Use hand signals to navigate turns and lane changes, and make eye contact with motorists and other riders whenever possible. Once you’ve signaled and it’s safe, proceed—being indecisive can create dangerous situations on roadways.
  • Know what to do at intersections: Just like when you’re driving a car, you should always use the lane that will take you to your destination. Never ride straight in a right turn-only lane, and get in the left hand to turn left. Additionally, use road lanes to cross a busy intersection, rather than the crosswalk.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: There are markings on roadways for vehicles and bicycles. Some are for one type of vehicle, while others are directed at both. However, cyclists need to follow their instincts and intuition to avoid dangerous situations. For example, always make yourself visible to moving traffic. This might mean leaving the bike lane and entering a traffic lane. Don’t pass large trucks or stopped traffic on the right. When riding past a parked car, leave a five-foot clearance so you have room to clear suddenly-opened car doors.
  • Respect gets respect: The key to getting respect as a cyclist on the road is to act respectfully to your fellow vehicle operators. Being considerate means not riding slowly in the middle of a busy lane, blocking the flow of traffic or weaving your way to the front of the queue at a red light when cars will inevitably end up going around you after the intersection.

For the safety of everyone on the road, all bicyclists are encouraged to follow these important cycling tips in Naples, FL. Want to buy or rent a bike? Visit Big Momma’s Bicycles for the best bicycle selection in town!

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