Discover the Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss

Discover the Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss

March 26, 2020

If you’ve decided to get back on the weight loss wagon, you might be dreading it already. Exercise is often less than fun, especially if you’re just getting into it, and progress can seem frustratingly slow. That’s why it’s so important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy on its own, taking your mind off how much weight you’re losing and focusing on the fun of the activity itself. Biking is not only an incredibly effective form of exercise, but bike rentals in Naples, FL also allow you to get out into nature and enjoy your surroundings. Here’s why we love cycling for weight loss:

  • Boosts your mood: Exercise releases endorphins, which are one of the brain’s “feel good” chemicals that enhances your enjoyment of life. Plus, the meditative, solitary quality of cycling, especially when paired with beautiful sights, can produce an uplifting effect on the psyche.
  • Burns a lot of calories: Cycling can burn anywhere between 400 and 1,000 calories per hour, depending on your fitness level, the intensity of the workout and your weight. That’s a lot more than many other forms of exercise.
  • Builds muscle: Muscle might weigh more than fat, but the more of it you have, the faster you’ll burn fat as fuel. Plus, you’ll look great and feel more confident as your body strengthens over time.
  • Great for the heart and lungs: Cardio and aerobic exercise—and biking falls into both categories—help strengthen your heart and lungs, and can even reduce your cancer risk. It’s a great way to boost your entire body’s health, not just fit back into your skinny pants.
  • Low impact: If you suffer from joint pain, you’ll enjoy the low-impact nature of cycling. It’s easy on your body and is less likely to cause inflammation.

How to bicycle for weight loss

If you haven’t hopped on a bike in some time, there’s an easy way to get started: simply get on your bike and, using an odometer, find out how far you can ride in 30 minutes (or however long you’d like your workout to be). The next time you ride, see if you can ride that distance in less than 30 minutes, gradually reducing your time. As you reach your goals (for example, cutting the time down by 10 minutes), you can increase the workout time and distance.

Remember that many forms of exercise build muscle in addition to burning fat, so be sure to measure inches lost in addition to monitoring your weight. With a sensible diet and consistent exercise, you’ll find that bicycling is great for weight loss as well as sheer enjoyment.

Bike rentals in Naples, FL

Ready to discover how biking can make weight loss fun? Come to Big Momma’s Bicycles for bike rentals in Naples, FL. Since 2005, we have been offering bike rentals, repair, resales, maintenance and more. We’ll even travel to you to pick up rentals and perform repairs—call us today to learn more about any of our services.

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