The Truth Behind eBike Myths

The Truth Behind eBike Myths

April 9, 2020

Have you ridden an electric bike before? eBikes are growing in popularity, thanks to their ability to take some of the effort out of cycling—their electric motors make them a climate-friendly transportation method. They’re also fun, legal and easy to charge. Read on to find out why eBike rentals in Naples, FL could be your new favorite form of transportation:

  • They can go miles on just one charge: Most eBikes are able to go between 10 and 30 miles on just one charge, making them perfect for most commutes to work in busy cities or towns. You’ll sail past traffic jams—and your commute will probably be the most pleasant one you’ve had in ages. And if your commute is longer than 30 miles, or you don’t want to charge the bike midday, you can outfit your bike with additional backup batteries.
  • They plug into regular outlets: If you’re concerned about charging your bike, not to worry: eBikes plug into regular electric outlets and charge relatively quickly. Many people were hesitant to buy eBikes, imagining the charging process would be similar to finding electric vehicle charging stations. Luckily, they’re convenient and easy to use, and don’t require any additional equipment or infrastructure.
  • You can pedal… but you might not have to: A lot of hardcore bike aficionados feel like eBikes defeat the purpose of biking because not all of them require pedaling. There are two types: those that require pedaling to activate the motor, and those that do not. The latter are great for commutes to work, as they allow you to take advantage of the other benefits while not arriving to work a sweaty mess.
  • They’re eco-friendly: One of the best benefits of eBike rentals in Naples, FL is their climate-friendly nature—you can avoid creating emissions that fossil fuel-powered vehicles produce, which is friendly to the environment (and saves on gas, too).
  • You’ll still get more exercise: Even if your bike doesn’t require pedaling, studies show that people who own electric bikes still get more exercise than they might have otherwise. Because biking offers a lot of additional benefits, like getting out into the fresh air and sunshine, discovering new places around your town, you’ll reap those as well.
  • They’re a boon for the disabled and beginners: Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to bike with friends, but were deterred by their fitness level or physical disabilities, eBikes can be a boon. They allow others to join in on longer or more arduous outings than they might have been able to undertake otherwise.

eBike rentals in Naples, FL

Discover why people love eBike rentals in Naples, FL so much—Big Momma’s Bicycles offers eBike and traditional bicycle rentals, as well as bike sales, repair, tune-ups and more. Our company has served the Naples area since 2005, offering traditional bike shop services as well as traveling to pick up rentals or perform repairs. Call us today to book your bike service or schedule an eBike rental—find out what all the fuss is about!

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