December 17, 2019

road bikes

"I recently had Big mommas tune up my Bianchi road bike. A new chain and some adjustments and it's riding great. SO, I brought in my '84 Trek which needed a bottom bracket , chain, some cables, and a new 6 sp. cassette . They were able to get all the parts (a 35 year old bike) installed and it rides like new. I did 30 miles yesterday without a hitch. The main mechanic Ray is amazing and the other guys are catching up quick. "
December 15, 2019

"Rented two bikes for a ride around Naples. Great rate for the day, bikes were tuned well and in good shape. Owner Sal was excellent, helpful and knowledgeable. Great little shop overall. Will definitely return if in the area, definitely recommend!"
November 18, 2019

Above and Beyond!

"I looked around for a good bike shop. Bingo! Big Mommas has it all: tremendous service, great prices, an expert mechanic and the owner Sal makes you feel like an old friend. This is a 5 star bike that goes above and beyond to service customers."
November 18, 2019

Best bike shop in Naples

"Today was another terrific experience at mamas bike shop. Years ago I purchased a C2C Bianchi from Sal and he’s been servicing the bike ever since . Today was a simple fix but was accomplished perfectly. This place is just the best place in town for all your biking needs. Thanks Sal and crew. "
November 18, 2019

Such a Great Help!

"When I was younger my favorite activity was riding my bike. It has been many years since then and I can honestly say that it is true, “you never forget how to ride”! However, at my age I prefer to be safe rather than sorry. This morning I brought my new bike to Sal at this bike shop and he inspected it, filled my tires with the correct air pressure so my kick stand worked properly, adjusted seat to fit my height and gave me a safety pep talk. What an awesome person and such a great help. I will certainly go back if I need bike repairs or maintenance in the future. Happy riding everyone!"