July 17, 2017

If I Could Give 6 Stars I Would

"I bought a bike on Craig's list and asked them to look over the bike, they looked over the whole bike and found a bad tire, they replace the tire and it was very reasonable. I could not believe how friendly Big Momma shop is and that they took the time to explain everything. If I could give 6 stars I would. Thank you."
June 30, 2017

Ray is incredible

"I stopped by big momma's bicycle looking for a bike for my son , since a car ran over the one he had , We were in an other shop earlier and I was told that it couldn't be fixed , that at this point it was garbage , I mention this to the guys and they told me that they have the best guy fixing bikes , they were not lying, Ray the guy who fix it , did an incredible job , he left it looking like new , my son was so happy since he was really attached at his bike and didn't want a new one , Great place and very nice people"
June 25, 2017

Tony, Sal and Ray Made Our Experience so Painless and Fun

"Tony, Sal and Ray made our experience at Big Momma's so painless and fun. Our recommendation , don't go anywhere else. My partner and I had 2 very old bikes in our garage. We wanted to start riding again and are clueless about bikes. We took both bikes to Big Momma's, open to buying new or rehabbing the old ones My partner tried 3 Cruiser style bikes and bought a Sun Drifter She received absolutely no pressure to buy new and is beyond happy. Tony gave her a great trade in value on her old Rockhopper. For me, I really loved my old Trek 820 and was hoping it could be rehabbed. Tony said it had quality Shimano parts and was worth the rehab. The cost of this was so fair, especially compared to the price of the used and new bikes I had been looking at. The bike looks brand new and Tony said if I decided I wanted a new one (in case I get jealous of my partners new one), he would give me a great trade in for my Trek. Tony even put a bike stand together for me. Without a kickstand my bike has been leaning in the garage for years. Now it stands upright and out of the way. Thanks Tony. Again, this is the place to go if you care to have a new or used bike and feel fully informed and involved in what you are purchasing."
June 24, 2017

Incredible Experience

"I took my family here to rent bikes during our vacation in Naples Florida and had an incredible experience- the best I have ever had with bike rentals. The bike riding was beautiful and enabled us to see a bit of Naples as well as more of the wild life- we even saw snowy egrets strolling around in people's front yards. I strongly recommend Bib Momma's Bicycles and biking in Naples! We come from hilly Pittsburgh, and found riding here in Naples even easier than walking and this gave us a chance to see Naples in a nicer way than driving. We rented the bikes for three days and I took the kids out in the morning for bike rides as well. It was a beautiful way to start the day! With respect to Big Momma's Bikes- we had unbelievable service!! We were outfitted with bikes for 2 adults and my three kids ages 15,9 and 9. The bikes are beautiful - not at all want you would expect from a bike rental (my husband and I rented Bianchi's at a very reasonable price). The owner put baskets on some of the bikes and did a fantastic job of fitting the bikes for each of us. One of the things that was so remarkable was how he took into account my kids' s personalities and riding style when he fit their bike. For example, one of my daughter's probably would have been sized up a bike based on standard approaches. After speaking with her a little and watching her ride, he gave her a lower seat. He also noticed the kids were quite hot. When they in another part of the store, he recommended to me that we stop at a wonderful ice-cream store during an early part of the ride. This was incredibly sensitive-if he had suggested this in front of them I couldn't have surprised them with it when we were riding. It was a fantastic recommendation. While the bike shop looks like it is in a busy looking street (Seagate), we were given an extremely useful biking map with instructions on how to get to bike paths and trails. We were super impressed! Can't say enough great things about Big Momma's bicycles and biking in Naples!!"
June 13, 2017

Very helpful

"The staff were very helpful and accommodating for what my family needed. They went above and beyond and even dropped off/picked up all of the bikes at no additional charge when they wouldn't fit in my car as expected. We will use Big Mama's again the next time that we visit!"