July 23, 2021

"Special shout out to the folks in this shop. Great service and assortment of bicycles."
July 20, 2021

Great people

"Took an older bike in with a flat tire Sunday before they closed and had it back Monday morning!! Ron took care of me and I bet will sell me one sooner than later. Excellent service!! Thank you again!!"
July 15, 2021

"Can't say enough about this place. absolutely the easiest part of my Naples trip. working with the people at this place was like a cool breeze. got a great bike and it took about 5 minutes. it cost less than I was expecting. bike was awesome. brought it back on Sunday and as it turns out I was late by about a half an hour and the place was closed, so I locked it up outside and left a message and got no extra extra charges or hassle. instead of ringing me up for a few extra bucks, they did the right thing and now I will sing their praises forever. long live quality and customer service ... you should definitely visit BM if you are looking to ride in Naples"
July 14, 2021

"Great place with heart. I bought my Marin hybrid here 10 years ago and they have kept it running snooth since. Great prices and a good company. Extremely nice. Pay them a visit. You will be glad you did."
July 6, 2021

5-star review

"I wanted to take a minute to write a review for you. Your service was impeccable as you restored my entire bike for such a reasonable price. I actually didn't recognize the bike when I walked it------truly amazing! I did an 8-mile ride yesterday and it was such a smooth ride--brakes, gears, etc. were perfect. I really can't thank you enough! You guys were so kind and accommodating that I plan to spread the word to all. I pray that your business flourishes!!"