April 18, 2018

I was so inspired by the easy going process..

"I brought in my bike that needed some brake work and an hour later it was fixed at an incredibly reasonable price. I was so inspired by the easy going process at Big Momma’s that I turned around and brought them another one the same day - a real clunker that had been sitting around broken for ages. They fixed that one in short order also, including little extras like greasing the kickstand (sorry about that eardrum piercing squeak!). Sal and his team are truly a pleasure to be around - no hassle, super friendly, and, they know their stuff."
April 10, 2018

Great bikes, great service

"Wife and I from DE visiting parents rented 2 Bianchi Impulsos for the week. Great bikes, great service friendly, knowledgeable and like previous reviewer wrote, "down to earth" owner and staff. We love our owns bikes but you can't beat their rental price: ours $300 to fly, theirs $201 (with tax) plus they fit my wife who's only 5'2". We will always rent bikes from Big Momma's. Thanks guys for a great week!"
April 10, 2018

The Best Place to Rent Bikes!

"Our annual vacation is not complete, unless we rent bicycles from Big Momma's. The staff are both friendly and accommodating. With the various choices of bikes available, Big Momma's offers bicycles that are extremely comfortable and easy to ride. Until next year, thank you Big Momma's for another incredible experience!"
April 2, 2018

Very Well Maintained

"My wife and I rented 2 Bianchi road bikes for the week. They are basically new this season, very well maintained, and overall very nice bikes for a reasonable weekly rental price. Pickup was quick and easy, we got a tool bag under each saddle, and a lock. They adjusted everything on site and even had SPD pedals for us to use. All in all, a very good experience and decent road bikes at a fair price AND well maintained! I cannot emphasize the last point enough - I have rented bikes all around the world and it seems rare to find one that isn't many years old and in a sad state of repair - so pleasantly surprised by my experience here. Recommended!"
March 25, 2018

Big Momma’s Bicycles is a great bike shop!

"Big Momma's Bicycles is a great bike shop! The people were very friendly and funny too. I had a problem with the back fender rubbing on my new tire that was installed in out of state shop. They fixed it in no time and I was happily on my way. I highly recommend Big Mommas for sales, service or rentals."