September 10, 2019

"Top of the line customer service. I wasn’t even intending on becoming a customer here but I found myself in a pretty bad situation! I was stuck with a flat tire on a pretty busy road. As I was pushing the bike, a truck pulled over and I saw "Big Momma’s Bicycles". A young man named Hunter got out asking if I needed any help. He got my flat tire fixed and had me back up and running FREE OF CHARGE! Big Momma’s has definitely earned a customer for life. Can’t wait to come stop by the shop. Thanks again, Hunter!"
September 4, 2019

"Amazing service and deals provided by manager Hunter. We are new to the area and needed two adult bikes- he showed us a wide variety, allowed us to test drive and even gave us his children's personal bike for my 3yr old daughter!! He helped us tremendously, was super friendly, knowledgeable and gave us fairly priced bikes!!! We love our new family bike set!!! Thanks Hunter:)"
September 3, 2019

"Great guys good service in & out in 45 mins for 2 bikes tires and tubes, brakes, excellent!!"
September 1, 2019

"My name is Susan Georges. Professional Homeminders is one of my businesses. I truly wanted this review in my name but google is not allowing me to do so. Okay, the owner and the gentlemen that work at Big Mama's Bike Shop are the nicest group of guys. They hand delivered a gift certificate to my front door from my children on Mother's Day and actually gifted a bike to my 7 year old grand daughter so she could get use to riding with air breaks with the hope that someday soon we will be on road bikes together. Every time I go there no matter what the cause, I get the best service and attention. They truly care about my ride and making it the best for me comfort wise and safety wise . The guys that work there although not related are like a family and care about all of us and our families. Do not hesitate to for one will not be disappointed. <3"
August 25, 2019

"I think Sal at Big Momma's Bicycles in Naples Florida created the customer-service benchmark that all businesses should try to achieve. I rented a bike from Big Momma's Bicycles so I could explore the downtown Naples. Sal wanted to make sure I was 100% satisfied with the rental. So he asked which bike design I wanted. I mentioned that the first bike that I test rode wasn't a perfect fit but I could use it for a few hours. He stated that I should try another bike. He put air in the tires of a second bike which was a perfect fit. I overheard him talking to two customers and noticed that he wanted to make sure they got the bike to meet their needs and did not try to oversell. Big Momma's Bicycles reminded me of the businesses on the Andy Griffith Show that have the small town feeling and focus on customer service."