January 1, 2018

Very Friendly Staff

"We reserved bikes as it was a busy time of the year. The bikes were available straight away and looked practically brand new! The staff were v friendly and were able to offer advice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!"
December 30, 2017

These Guys Are Great!

"These guys are great. We bought a bike last week and had a problem with it. They drove out and fixed everything. Service is amazing at the store itself. And it's always good to encourage local businesses-these guys make it easy."
December 14, 2017

Can’t Say Enough About These Guys…

"I can't say enough about these guys. We just moved to the area and this shop is down the street from our house. I come to find out my 11 year old daughter has stopped in and gotten her tires checked, chain tightened and they have never charged her. I find this out when my daughter crashed her bike and really banged it up. She walked it in there and they called me up and said they were busy but they see my daughter biking all the time so they will drop what they are doing so they can get her back on her bike fast. They say it really need new forks $160 but they can probably hammer it out and make it passable for $60 and it will be ready tomorrow. 3 hours later my phone rings the bike is ready and I said I will send my daughter in with my credit card is that ok? No problem. She comes home ear to ear smiling bike looking good as new minus a few dings and they only charged her $30. 30 bucks isn't much to most people, wasn't much to me 3 months ago, and probably isn't much to them. But we lost our home and jobs 3 months ago in the islands in the hurricane so 30 bucks makes a difference to me now. They had no idea what it meant to me or my daughter it was just them being the honest cool people they are and that's how they do business. When FEMA and insurance checks finally arrive I am buying all you guys a big lunch. You are absolutely the best people ever. Thank You!!!"
December 8, 2017

They went the extra mile…

"I rented a road bike for a week from Big Momma's last week while on vacation and was delighted. They went the extra mile when I forgot to get my pedals back and they shipped them back to me via FedEx for free. Plus the rental price was very competitive. The bike was brand new and worked perfectly. They've created another loyal customer. I will be back!"
November 20, 2017

The Best bike shop!

"Don't even go anywhere else! This is the best bike shop around. Tony was awesome in helping my husband & I pick out the perfect bikes for us! He spent so much time with us and made sure the fit was perfect! He went out of his way to even deliver them that night!! Thank You Tony!"