June 21, 2022

"Stopped by today. I was having a gear issue on a used bike I just bought at Goodwill. The bike was stuck in low gear.. Sal was great. He immediately assisted. He checked out the problem and was able to do a work around so I could get to mid-gears. He didn't even charge me. I will definitely be coming back soon to get a complete tune up on the bike. I highly recommend this place!!!"
June 9, 2022

"I took a broken down bike to them to see if it Could be repaired. They called me the same day to let me know it was on recall and they even gave me the name of the company to call and talk to them. The company told me the exact same thing that Sal, from Big Mommas bicycles told me. They charged me nothing for doing this and will also recycle the bike for me. I would highly recommend them because they are very fair and very honest. I will be taking my other bike for a tuneup."
June 1, 2022

"Every time we have gone in to ask questions or get quotes on repairs we have been given full attention and everyone is very pleasant. Their prices for repairs were very reasonable. I had 2 ebikes assembled and they took extra time to explain about the bike and made some alterations that we requested. Wouldn’t go anywhere else"
May 27, 2022

"Sal and his team were the most cordial, helpful, and efficient repair technicians I’ve ever worked with. Came in with a bicycle with unknown issues, and they quickly diagnosed it, repaired it (mostly gear lines and brake pads, with other minor adjustments) and had me out in under 30 minutes. Fair prices. Friendly service. Knowledgeable to their craft. Cannot reccomend highly enough!"
May 13, 2022

"My three wheeler needed a general going over and a few repairs. Today was the first time I got to ride it since they brought it back to me and I swear it rides better than the day I got it brand new. To say I am pleased is an understatement. When I’m ready to purchase a new bike or just anything bicycle related, this is where I will go. Thank you for the great work on my bike."